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Post Your Movie Reviews

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Post Your Movie Reviews

Post by Silent_Brad on Sun Jul 26, 2009 12:48 am

Figured we needed a place to complain about or praise the latest films we've seen.

I'll kick it off with this piece of crap.

(I'll try to keep this as spoiler free as possible)

Now, normally, I love Nick Cage. He's just so bad he's good in my opinion. The 2005 remake of Wicker Man is one of the most unintentionally funny movies I've ever seen. I wouldn't blame this mess on Nick Cage, though.

Movie starts out with a single college professor (Cage) and his son. Cage's wife dies while they're son is still about 6 or 7 it seems. Cage's son's school is going to open this time capsule left by some kids 50 years earlier. In this time capsle is various drawings and whatnot from the kids. Except, there is one letter that contains nothing but what appear to be random numbers drawn from top to bottom of the page by this supposedly crazy little girl. Cage's son, Caleb I think his name was, gets this letter and Cage finds out that the numbers actually lead to major disasters that have happened over the span of those 50 years while it was buried in the time capsule, but there's still 3 dates left on the paper that have yet to occur. So he gets that Nick Cage concerned face going.

You know, this one:

And over the course of the next hour or so, he leads himself to the locations of the next 2 disasters. Then meets the daughter of the girl that had written the letter with the damn Soduku puzzle written on it. And this woman has a daughter as well. Same age as Cage's daughter and both the kids seem to get along well with eachother. Which will come in handy towards the end. Both these kids can hear these voices in their heads and these strange people that look to be Arch Angel from X3 after a week of binge drinking keep stalking Cage and his son. All of this happening while Cage is trying to figure what's going to happen on the last date on the paper.

Now, like I said before. I like Nick Cage. And I still liked him in this. I love his horrible acting the same way a guy into S&M loves to get spanked. And the woman that play's the lead female role was pretty lack luster. The whole film I thought she was Jordana Brewster (That chick from The Fast and The Furious), but after a quick google search a few minutes ago, I find her to be Rose Byrne. Only other movie I can remember seeing her in is 28 Weeks Later. So, she's pretty much an unknown. Both the kid actor's in the film are what you would expect.

The one thing I did really love about this movie was the art directing. It looked beautiful. Especially the disaster scenes. All of them were breath taking and kept you wanting more. I do have to say, though. After watching this, I really want to buy a Ford F-150. It seemed to me like Ford payed a bit of money for them to make that truck look awesome in this flim. Every 5 minutes you'd see Cage haugling ass around town in it. Doing tailspins and burnouts and weaving in and out of traffic. Another thing I didn't like about it so much was that the film moved a little too slow for my taste. I felt the whole story line of Cage's wife's death could have been completely cut out and would have probably improved the story. Leaving more time for more character development with Bryne's character. Not that I think this story could have been saved, mind you. The main gripe I have with the film has mostly to do with the last 20 or so minutes. I was enjoying the movie somewhat up till that point. It lost all credibility with me. It was very in line with Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. That's all I say.

I really disappointed to see that this was directed by Alex Proyas (The Crow, I Robot). This guy is capable of directing amazing films, but he just really didn't seem to apply himself this time. The script needed some major revisions. Stuff that a simple script supvisor should have caught and said "No, don't do that".

Overall, I'd give it a good 3/10. I'll probably never watch it again just for enjoyment. And with that I leave you with this advice.

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Re: Post Your Movie Reviews

Post by Paradigm on Sun Jul 26, 2009 1:00 am

Ah, that's a shame. I thought that movie was going to be pretty decent. I love your review though, you have some interesting points. It sucks Proyas half-assed this movie, it might of been a lot better with a bit more thinking through.
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